The Easiest Way to Furnish: Delivery + Assembly 


Why choose us? What make us different from the competition?

We are laser-focused on delivering two things for our customers: UNMATCHED CONVENIENCE & VALUE.

CONVENIENCE: In our local markets, we offer a fast, easy and reliable furniture shopping experience, and for buyers who needs assembly service, we can either provide this service for an a fee or refer local technicians who can help with such tasks.  

VALUE: We are able to offer fantastic savings because we buy in bulk and bring furniture directly from factories and suppliers to our customers, and in the process eliminate layers of middleman and their fees. We are also a private business with no other interested parties to answer to, so we enjoy more discretion on setting prices, and our strong preference is to, ALWAYS, offer our customers the best deals whenever and wherever possible.

What is the typical turnaround time?

It depends on the particular item. An overwhelming majority of the items can be delivered in about 1 week or less. Some items, such as special order, back-order, or those from far-away suppliers, take longer. A better estimate will be provided at the time ordering. You can also inquire about availability by emailing or calling us.

I am moving to New York/NJ Metro Area, can we schedule furniture to be delivered on my move in date?

Yes. We understand that moving to a new place can be very stressful and we are here to help reduce the amount of hassle you have to deal with. Just pick out the pieces you like and put down a deposit for them. We will then procure and hold your purchase in our warehouse. When you are ready to move in, we will send our crew to deliver and assemble everything for you at no extra charge. This way, you will have a fully furnished home on the same day you arrive. You can't make it any easier than that!

I live outside of the Tri-State Area, what is your shipping/delivery policy?

We can ship small items, such as area rugs and accessories, nationwide.  We generally do not ship large items via third party freight carriers due to an unacceptably high likelihood of transit damage and the fact that we can't control the entire customer experience.  Please contact us should you have any questions.

Are the merchandise you sell new?

All of the products we are sell are brand new, undamaged and have never been used, unless you are buying clearance items at a discount and are specifically informed of product condition relating to the discount.

More questions? Please don't hesitate to email or call us.

Call us: 800-553-5089, or email us: [email protected]